Administering Stool Lands


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The Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Act, 1994 (Act 481) was passed to actualize the establishment of the Office.  Subsequently, in 1996 the first Administrator of Stool Lands was appointed and the Office began operation. 


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Excellent Customary Land Administration for National Development.


We exist to maximise stool lands revenue and facilitate the sustainable administration and management of stool lands through modern technology for inter-generational equity.

Core Values

We are committed to Integrity, Service, Transparency, Equity and Accountability.

Revenue Mobilisation

The Office generate income through collection of revenue which includes rents, dues, royalties or other payments from Stool Lands demarcated areas. Revenue mobilisation is an operational mandate carried out by the District and Regional Offices. The Office assess rent based on location, size and use of the land. Stool Lands revenue collection or payment differ entirely from Property Tax which is administered by the Municipal and District Assemblies (MDAs).

Revenue Disbursement

Revenues mobilised through collection of rent assessment of stool lands are disbursed to respective stakeholders as specified by law. The Office retains a portion of the revenue for administrative purposes, the remaining are disbursed to Traditional Authorities, District Assemblies within the area of authority in which stool land is situated and Stools in keeping with its status. Persons who occupy stool land demarcated parcel shall make payment at any of our District or Regional Offices across the country upon the receipt of a Demand Notice by a designated Officer.

Public Education & Sensitization

Public education is one of the core operations of the office. Sensitisation programmes are scheduled with stakeholders to create public awareness of basic land administration laws, customary practices, the existence and functions of the Office. Regional and District Officers carry out sensitisation programmes through durbars, electronic media, newspapers, brochures, flyers house-to-house campaigns.

Our Stakeholders

As one of the biggest land sector agencies, the Office is mandated to work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, Lands Commission, Forestry Commission, Minerals Commission, Land Use and Spatial Authority (LUSPA), Traditional Authorities, Family Heads, Municipal & District Assemblies, Customary Lands Secretatriats and any public or private stakeholder organisation in the delivery of land management and administration for national development.

Digitisation of Operations

In line with improving operations of the OASL with regards to rent mobilisation, the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands is collaborating with the German Development Cooperation – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to develop a revenue collection database an application. This commenced in the third quarter of 2020. The database application among others it to help with data collection, rent assessment, demand note distribution, etc. The development of the database application is being led by the GIZ.

Christmas Message from the Administrator of Stool Lands

On behalf of Management, I wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous new year, may this season be full of joy and prosperity for you. May the celebrations bring along many more opportunities for you to have a spectacular year ahead. 

Rendering Accountability

Regulation 13 and the Second Schedule to the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Regulations, 2019 (LI 2377), among other pieces of legislation make provision for the assessment of the following stool land revenues.

News Board


Events and General Information about the happenings in the Office. 


The Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands (OASL) held its two days annual conference on the 7th and 8th  February, 2023. It was a virtual conference graced by the Administrator, Directors, Regional and District Stool Lands Officers and some staff from the head...


In line with the regional re-organization drive by His Excellency the President from ten (10) to sixteen (16) regions, has challenged the Office to also expand its operations to the newly created region for improved revenue mobilization and service delivery. This...


The role of proper land administration in our quest for national development cannot be over emphasized. This forms the basis for government’s determination to ensure that, land administration systems in the Ghana, especially land registration and rental payments, is...

25th Anniversary

The OASL was established by Article 267 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and the Administrator of Stool Lands Act, 481 of 1994 to mobilize and disburse revenue from stool lands in the country. On the 16th of October, 1996, the office became operational and it has...

Commissioning of the OASL Ahafo Regional Office

The office of the Administrator of Stool Lands in its quest to expand its operations and deepen collaboration with its stakeholders (chiefs, traditional authorities, lessees and MMDAs), formally commissioned a new Regional Office on Wednesday, the 31st March, 2021 in...

Securing Land Rights


Regulation 13 and the Second Schedule to the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Regulations, 2019 (LI 2377), among other pieces of legislation make provision for the assessment of the following stool land revenues.