The Central Regional Office in collaboration with the paramount Chief of Attandanso Traditional Area, Odeefo Tsibu Darko Ampem II, and his elders, paid a working visit to tenant farmers on the Attandanso Stool Lands. This initiative is aimed at addressing and clarifying misunderstandings regarding the payment of farm rent.


The visit came in response to the refusal of some tenant farmers to pay farm rent, stemming from their belief that, farm rent was equivalent to the traditional “abusa” arrangement. The “abusa” system involves sharing crop yields between the farmers and the chief, while farm rent is a distinct “monetary payment” for land use.

Tenant farmers from Ningo, Aboabo Camp, Nyamebekyere, Akwetey, Sergeant, and Nkwantanan participated in the public education session. Officials from the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands, along with Odeefo Tsibu Darko Ampem II and his elders, provided a detailed explanation of the differences between the “abusa” arrangement and farm rent. They emphasized the importance of farm rent in supporting the administration and development of stool lands.

Importance of understanding the difference

Odeefo Tsibu Darko Ampem II stated, “It is crucial for our farmers to understand the distinction between these two forms of payment. Farm rent is essential for maintaining and managing our stool lands, ensuring their benefits are distributed fairly among all community members.”

The tenant farmers expressed their satisfaction with the explanations provided so far. One farmer from Nyamebekyere remarked, “I now understand that farm rent is separate from the “abusa” arrangement. This clarity helps us see the importance of paying the rent for the betterment of our community.

Tenant’s Committment

Consequent to the visit, tenant farmers committed to paying their farm rent in the coming months. This goes on to show an understanding and cooperation in the administration the stool lands.