Regional Stool Lands Officer

Surv. Prince Gyapong is a valuation and Estate Surveyor and an expert in Land Administration and Management. His work as a Land Administrator started in 2001 when he joined the Office of the Administrator of stool lands as a National Service Personnel, Koforidua where he mastered the skill of land inspections and technical report writing. He joined the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands as an Assistant Stool Lands Officer in Koforidua, Eastern Region in January, 2002 to be in charge of Operations.

His duty tour took him to the Eastern Region in January, 2002 as the Assistant Stool Lands Officer responsible for Stool Land Management generally in the Region. He was posted to the Northern/Central Region in July, 2010 responsible for Northern and Central Regions. He later became the Deputy Chief Stool Lands Officer for Ashanti Region in 2017. He has risen through the ranks from an Assistant Stool Lands Officer to become a Deputy Chief Stool Lands Officer. He is currently the Regional Stool Lands Officer in the Eastern Region.

He is a Chartered Valuer, having been licensed by the Ghana Institution of Surveyors in 2002 to practice the profession of surveying. He has privately untaken many valuation jobs. Surveyor Prince Gyapong has attended several international conferences to equip himself with best practices in his professional career.  Commonwealth Association of Surveying and Land Economist (CASLE), AFRES Conference.  Surv. Prince Gyapong has been very active as a professional Surveyor.

He possesses hard skills to handle complex land issues and the requisite soft skills to handle the many people he has worked with. He was a prominent member in the Ashanti Regional Chapter of the GhIS..

Surveyor Gyapong holds a Bachelor degree in Land Economy from KNUST, Kumasi, a Post Graduate Diploma in Land Administration from Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies in the Netherlands, and Masters of Science in Geo-information management (with emphasis on Lands Administration), From the International institute for Geo-information Science and earth observation (ITC), Netherlands.

His interest as a professional includes but not limited to resolving intractable land disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Human Resource Development of staff who have worked with him and training of young graduates seeking to become Professional members of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors.

Surv. Gyapong is a social being who has had excellent relationship with people who associate with him. He is married to Mrs. Linda Boateng Gyapong and blessed with 3 children.