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The role of proper land administration in our quest for national development cannot be over emphasized. This forms the basis for government’s determination to ensure that, land administration systems in the Ghana, especially land registration and rental payments, is adequately streamlined and strengthened to make it attractive to prospective investors and lessees. This entails spatial identification of property owners or lessees to facilitate the payment of rent. This is aimed at addressing the fundamental challenges in revenue mobilization in fulfillment of the mandate of the office.
In view of this, the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands (OASL) in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) is launching the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Revenue Application (OASL RevApp) to improve operations and revenue mobilization.
The event details are as follows:
Venue: Accra International Conference Centre
Date: 27th October, 2022
Time: 10am

25th Anniversary

The OASL was established by Article 267 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and the Administrator of Stool Lands Act, 481 of 1994 to mobilize and disburse revenue from stool lands in the country. On the 16th of October, 1996, the office became operational and it has...