District Profile

Asankragwa District

The Asankragwa District Office is located within the premises of the Wassa Amenfi West Municipal Assembly. It is headed by Jonas Okoampah, a Stool Lands Inspector, who is ably supported by Daniel Aidoo, a Higher Revenue Inspector. The Office operates on Asankragwa, Asankran Breman, Amuni, Anakum and Achichire stool lands, with those stools as well as the Wassa Akropong Traditional Council and Wassa Amenfi West Municipal Assembly being the beneficiaries of revenues it mobilizes.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 50, Asankragwa
 jonas.okoampah@oasl.gov.gh daniel.aidoo@oasl.gov.gh
GPS: WY-0044-4007

Axim District

The Axim District Office operates in the Nzema East municipality and the Ellembelle District. The main Office is located at the ground floor of the old administration block of the Nzema East Municipal Assembly however, there is also a collection point at Esiama to serve clients in the Ellembelle District. Gideon Adzogble, a Revenue Superintendent, heads the office as the District Officer with support from Daniel Appiah, a Revenue Inspector.
Six Traditional Councils – Gwira, Lower Axim, Upper Axim, Nsain, Ajomoro and Eastern Nzema – together with number of stools and the two assemblies are the beneficiaries of revenues mobilised by the Office.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 25, Axim
gideon.adzogble@oasl.gov.gh daniel.appiah@oasl.gov.gh
GPS: WN-0001-5444

Bogoso District

The Bogoso District Office is located at the Old Star School around the Bogoso Market Circle. It also has a collection point at the Prestea Urban Council to serve clients in that enclave. The District Office is headed by John Molatho Fiawotso, a Chief Revenue Superintendent. The Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Assembly and the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council benefit from revenues it mobilizes from the lands of the sixteen stools in its jurisdiction.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 26, Bogoso
GPS: WP-0004-5884

Daboase District

The Daboase District Office is located adjacent the Daboase Post Office. It is manned by Albert Yankey, a Stool Lands Inspector, as the District Officer with support from David Azadagli, a Revenue Superintendent.
Sekyere Hemang, Daboase, Wassa Edwenase, Wassa Akutuase, Mamponso, Wassa Atobease and Enyinabrem are its beneficiary stools together with the Wassa East District Assembly and the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 33, Daboase
albert.yankey@oasl.gov.gh david.azadagli@oasl.gov.gh
GPS: WZ-0000-7465

Elubo District

The Elubo District Office is located opposite the GPRTU lorry station at Elubo. It is headed by Albert Ngoley, a Senior Revenue Superintendent, with Festus Lartey, a Higher Revenue Inspector as a supporting staff. There are 37 stools in the district with Nuba, Elubo, Cocoa Town, Nungua, New Nzulezu and Tikobo No. 2 being the operational ones. The Jomoro Municipal Assembly and the Western Nzema Traditional Council benefit from revenues mobilized on stool lands in the District.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 50, Elubo
albert.ngoley@oasl.gov.gh festus.lartey@oasl.gov.gh
GPS: WJ-2609-2436

Manso Amenfi District

The Office is located at the Manso Amenfi lorry station. It is manned by Frederick Aboagye, a Revenue Superintendent, as the District Officer. The Office operates on Manso Amenfi, Agona Amenfi, Agyaka Manso, Domenase, Woratirem, Anyinabrem, Ankasie, Achichire, Amuni and Anakom stool lands, with these stools as well as the Wassa Akropong Traditional Council and Wassa Amenfi Central District Assembly being the beneficiaries of revenues it mobilizes.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 48, Asankragwa
GPS: WX-0828-7449

Sekondi District

The Sekondi District Office forms part of the Regional Office and for that matter is located at the premises of the Western Regional Lands Commission. A team of five operational and revenue officers, headed by the Head of Operations and supervised by the Regional Stool Lands Officer, execute duties in its jurisdictional areas.
The Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly, Effia Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly, Ahanta West Municipal Assembly, Shama District and Mpohor District Assemblies are the beneficiaries of stool land revenue it mobilises. A number of stools and families also benefit from revenues mobilised within its catchment area. The Sekondi, Essikado, Shama, Ahanta and Mpohor Traditional Councils also benefit from stool land revenues mobilised from their territorial areas. The contact details of the Sekondi District Office are the same as that of the Regional Office.

Tarkwa District

The Tarkwa District Office is located on the first floor of the Ministries Building at Nzemaline, a suburb of Tarkwa. It is headed by Wudu Samba, a Stool Lands Inspector, with two Revenue Superintendents – Bennet Sowah Boye and Felix Quaye Acquah – as supporting staff.
The office mobilizes revenue on Apinto, Asuosu, Bosomtwe, Nyametease, Dompim, Nsuaem, Simpa and Manso with the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipal Assembly and the Wassa Fiase Traditional Council being beneficiaries together with those stools.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 85, Tarkwa
wudu.samba@oasl.gov.gh felix.acquah@oasl.gov.gh bennet.sowah@oasl.gov.gh
GPS: WS-0000-0578

Wassa Akropong District

The Wassa Akropong District Office is located at the Wassa Akropong main lorry station. Joyce Adjei, an Assistant Stool Lands Officer, is the District Officer with George Twum Dwamena, a Senior Revenue Superintendent, as a supporting Staff.
Asundua, Asikuma, Wassa Mampong, Saa, Abeneabena, Dawurampong, New Aboi, Mansisiso, Moseaso, Oppong Valley, Gyedua, Aserewadi, Saamang, Dekoto, Afransie, Wantram, Abrokyire Krobo, Adansi, Adamanso, Dukwaa and Mpatado Heman are the stools on whose lands the Office mobilizes revenue for their own benefit and that of the Wassa Amenfi East Municipal Assembly and Wassa Amenfi Traditional Council.

Contact Details:

P. O Box 84, Wassa Akropong
joyce.adjei@oasl.gov.gh george.dwamena@oasl.gov.gh
GPS: WS-0003-5264