Through our joint efforts, some selected Officers have been trained as System Administrators on the OASL RevApp. The Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands (OASL), in collaboration with the German Development Agency (GiZ), have taken a giant step forward in digitizing and streamlining land administration processes. This training marks, a significant milestone in building the capacity of Officers improving efficiency and effectiveness in the managing the App across the operational jurisdictions of the country.

Streamlining Land Administration

Land administration has been a critical area of focus for the Ghanaian government. The OASL, responsible for managing stool lands, has been working diligently to adopt modern technologies to enhance their operations as part of the digitization agenda. The collaboration with GiZ has resulted in the development of the OASL RevApp, a comprehensive software system aimed at improving data collection, management and analysis for improved land administration procedures.

Training of selected Officers

To ensure a successful implementation of the OASL RevApp, the OASL identified a group of Officers across the office from all regions for the specialized training as System Administrators. These individuals underwent a rigorous training program conducted by a team of experts from GiZ, who provided comprehensive instruction on managing the OASL RevApp effectively. The training, hosted by the Eastern Regional Office, covered various aspects, including system setup, user management, data entry, data retrieval, and report generation etc. The training of selected Officers was a strategic move to empower the OASL to migrate from the traditional (paper-based) to a more electronic means of operations.

Empowering Officers

By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the OASL RevApp, the OASL can now leverage its full potential to digitize land records, streamline processes, and improve decision-making. The Administrator of Stool Lands, encouraged the selected Officers to take the training personally and also train other Officers to understand the App within their respective regions. “We want to be ahead of our sister agencies in the land administration sector”. We need to set the pace for others to follow. She further encouraged Officers to test the system thoroughly and bring up all issues for resolution before the GiZ transfer the system fully to OASL.

Benefits of the training & Implementation

The training of Officers and implementation of the OASL RevApp brings numerous benefits to the Office. Such benefits are; automates various tasks, reducing manual paperwork and administrative turnaround times. Ensure the integrity and accuracy of spatial records by centralizing information and enabling standardized data entry and retrieval. This promotes transparency and reduces the risk of errors and disputes. It would also enable authorized stakeholders to access spatial information easily, eliminating the need for physical visits to administrative offices. Finally, System Administrators can generate detailed analytic reports with valuable insights for evidence-based decision-making and policy formulation.

The collaboration between the Office and GIZ has brought about a transformative change in the day-to-day operations of the Office with the expectation of improving revenue mobilization. This collaborative effort sets the pace for other agencies to follow, showcasing the potential of technology in improving land administration nationwide.