The Administrator and Management of Stool Lands were delighted to welcome the new Head of Components and Technical Advisor, GovID of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in a short notice working visit on July 27, 2023 to familiarize himself with the Office, show continuous commitment and strengthen the collaborative efforts between GIZ and the Office, following the reassignment of Mr. Alf Bremer, who was a bastion between the two entities, back to the headquarters in Germany, creating a transition in the leadership positions.

The working visit

The purpose of the visit was to familiarize the newly assigned Head of Components with the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands and to reassure the team of the unwavering collaboration between the two entities, even in light of the leadership change.

During his opening remarks, the new Head of Component, Mr. Charles Othniel Abbey assisted by his Technical Advisor Ms. Afua Abasa Antwi, expressed his commitment to maintaining the strong partnership between GIZ and the Office. He assured the Administrator and Management that, the exit of Alf, would not disrupt the ongoing development and implementation of the OASL RevApp, a significant project aimed at digitalizing the operations of the Office.

The Presentation

As a gesture of goodwill and to support the Office’s efforts in sensitizing the public about the OASL RevApp and its operations, Mr. Abbey presented two thousand (2000) hardcopies of educational flyers, continuing the momentum of the public awareness campaign. Expressing his commitment to the cause, Mr. Abbey highlighted the significance of public awareness in ensuring the successful adoption of the OASL RevApp, by providing even more educational flyers if the need arise. He aims to encourage Staff and the public to utilize the App and its features for streamlined access to stool land related services.

Unwavering Commitment

In response, the Administrator of Stool Lands Surv. Mrs. Maame Ama Edumadze-Acquah, expressed her gratitude to GIZ for their unwavering commitment to the collaboration, particularly amidst the leadership transition. She applauded the willingness of GIZ to providing such essential resource, which she believes will significantly improve the sensitization agenda of the Office throughout the country. The Administrator emphasized the importance of enhanced public awareness in achieving improved revenue mobilization for the Office.

Remarkably, quantities of these flyers were initially printed and distributed during the official launch of the OASL RevApp last year, while Mr. Bremer was the Head of Component. Our collaboration with the GIZ facilitated the successful development of the phases of the OASL RevApp, printing of the flyers and the grand launch ceremony. – She said.

Strengthening the Digitalization Drive

The visit served as an opportunity for both parties to strengthen their working relationship and to affirm their shared dedication to advancing the digitalization of the Office’s operations through the OASL RevApp. By continuing their fruitful collaboration, the Office of Stool Lands and GIZ aim to achieve greater efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness in the management of stool lands and related matters, benefiting the people of Ghana as a whole.

GIZ Support, Growth in Land Sector

The Administrator of Stool Lands expressed her gratitude to Mr. Abbey for his thoughtful contribution and support. “All we can say is, our heartfelt gratitude for all the support you have given us from 2021 to date. The Office cannot thank you enough”- She said. She emphasized that, such collective efforts from organizations like GIZ are essential to achieving the Office’s agenda of  digitizing our operations and land management practices for improved revenue mobilization. With the kind of support from GIZ, it is anticipated that, the implementation of the OASL RevApp will continue to make significant strides, contributing to the growth and development of the land management sector of the Country.