The Office in a bid to forge closer ties and foster effective collaboration, the Northern Regional Stool Lands Office undertook a significant courtesy call on the Chiefs of Nyankpala and Kumbungu communities. The visit was to continue the ongoing discussions regarding the potential establishment of Customary Lands Secretariats (CLS) within their respective communities.

The role of CLS

The primary objective of setting up these Customary Lands Secretariats is to serve as a designated revenue mobilisation points for the Office and to enhance best land management practices in these localities. Recognizing the pivotal role that Chiefs play in the broader land management process, the initiative seeks to facilitate a seamless interface between community leadership and land administrative procedures.

Dialogue with Chiefs

During the visits, the Northern Regional Stool Lands Office engaged in constructive dialogue with the Chiefs, delving into the details of the proposed Customary Lands Secretariats. The discussions centered on the operational framework, benefits, and potential challenges that might arise from the implementation of such an initiative. By fostering open communication with the Chiefs, the Stool Lands Office aims to ensure that the introduction of CLSs aligns with local priorities and aspirations.

Existing CLS

In a similar vein, the Regional Stool Lands Officer (RSLO) led the regional team in a visit to the Wungu Customary Lands Secretariat, situated within the Mamprusi District. This visit aimed to comprehensively assess the progress made in the establishment of the CLS, while also addressing any existing challenges. The engagement further allowed for the exchange of insights and perspectives, paving the way for collaborative solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve optimized revenue mobilization.

Fostering effective partnerships, enhancing land management practices

At these pivotal events, notable personalities included Mr. Atsu Norgbedzi, the Regional Stool Lands Officer, Mr. Zakaria Abdulai Yakubu, the Regional Accountant, and other officers from the Northern Regional Office. The collective participation of these distinguished individuals underscores the dedication and commitment of the Office to fostering effective partnerships, enhancing land management practices and driving revenue collection in a transparent and inclusive manner.

Harnessing the wisdom and insight of Chiefs

As the dialogue continues and collaborative efforts strengthen, the Northern Regional Office remains steadfast in its commitment to working hand-in-hand with Chiefs and Customary Lands Secretariats. By harnessing the wisdom and insight of community leaders, the Office is poised to drive positive change and facilitate the responsible management of land resources, contributing to the sustainable development of the Northern Region and beyond.