In a proactive move to drive revenue mobilization and contribute to the development of the Mankraho Community and the broader Tano-North Municipality, Mrs. Grace Nuako, the District Officer of Duayaw-Nkwanta, has initiated a robust public education campaign. This initiative aligns with the Office’s sensitization agenda, aimed at fostering increased awareness and participation in revenue-generating activities.


The sensitization effort is to educate the residents of the Mankraho Community on the critical importance of paying their ground rent and farm rent, which constitute the primary sources of revenue for the District. Mrs. Grace Nuako’s remarkable organizational skills came to the fore as she organized community members and engaged them in enlightening discussions on the vital role of their contributions to the District’s development.

Dialogue with community stakeholders

During these sessions, Mrs. Nuako underscored the relationship between the community and the revenue they contribute. She emphasized that the rent they pay plays a pivotal role in funding essential infrastructure projects within the community. Notably, 55% of these funds are disbursed to the District Assembly, facilitating initiatives such as the construction of schools and health facilities that directly benefit the residents.

The 10%

Additionally, Mrs. Nuako elucidated that 10% of the revenue collected is retained by the Office, which, in turn, enables it to effectively carry out its duties, ensuring the continued provision of essential services and support to the community.

Alleviate infrastructure deficit

Mrs. Nuako emphasized the overarching goal of this public education campaign: to significantly improve the mobilization and disbursement of ground rent and farm rent. The objective is clear – to alleviate infrastructure deficits within the Mankraho Community and by extension, contribute to the development of Ghana as a whole. The need to bridge the gap between revenue generation and community development exemplify a forward-thinking approach to governance.

As the public education campaign gains momentum, it is poised to foster a culture of active participation and cooperation, ultimately advancing the collective welfare of the Mankraho Community and the Tano-North Municipality.