As part of measures to improve collaboration and revenue mobilization, the leadership of the Western North Regional Office engaged in an interaction with the Suaman District Assembly. This strategic engagement is part of the Office’s broader efforts to familiarize stakeholders with its operational activities and to explore avenues for improved revenue mobilisation in the Region.


The interaction took place as part of a scheduled Suaman District Assembly General meeting; a forum that brought together a diverse array of stakeholders. In attendance were Hon. Assembly members representing various electoral areas, Heads of Departments of the Assembly and other stakeholders, including Chiefs, Elders, Religious Leaders, NGOs and Community-Based Organizations.

Representing the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands were the Ag. Deputy Regional Stool Lands Officer, Mr. Andrew Ackah and the Regional Accountant, Mr. Akowuah both of whom played key roles in the engagement.

Call on Stakeholders

During the meeting, the Office was afforded the opportunity to address the participants and throw more light on its mandate, functions and role in revenue mobilization and disbursement and subsequent benefit to the Assembly and communities. The Ag. Deputy Regional Stool Lands Officer provided a comprehensive overview of the legal framework underpinning the activities of the Office and emphasized its critical mandate.

Furthermore, he called on all stakeholders, particularly, Hon. Assembly members, to collaborate closely with the Office by furnishing the office with data on landowners. This collaboration would enable the Office to effectively generate revenue for the Assembly, ultimately contributing to the development of the Region.

Additional Stream of Income

The Regional Accountant complemented this by highlighting the pressing need to assist the Office in maximizing revenue from rent, especially in light of irregular disbursements from the District Assemblies Common Fund. This additional stream of revenue would be instrumental in supporting various developmental projects within the District.

A step in the right direction

In a remarkable display of dedication and unity during the engagement, Assembly Members of the Suaman District have pledged wholeheartedly to offer support to the Office. This resolute commitment signifies a step in the right direction in the pursuit of sustainable revenue mobilization and the overall advancement of the Suaman District.

Assembly Members enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to align their efforts with the mandate of the Office. This commitment extends beyond words; it signifies a shared vision for the betterment of the community, where resources are harnessed effectively to fuel development initiatives. The pledge of support by the Assembly Members is an example of how collaboration and shared responsibility can drive positive change.

This engagement serves as a demonstration to the Office’s dedication to transparent and effective partnership with key stakeholders. By fostering an environment of cooperation and shared responsibility, the Western North Regional Office of the OASL is actively contributing to the growth and development of the Region.