The Eastern regional management team embarked on a significant stakeholder engagement with the Chiefs and Elders of the Abetifi Stool at the royal palace of the Chief of Abetifi in the Eastern Region. The meeting was to formally introduce the newly appointed District Officer for the Tease District, Mr. Godfred Appiah, to the Chief of Abetifi and his council of Elders. Additionally, the gathering aimed to garner their support in the critical endeavor of stool lands revenue mobilization within the Tease operational area.


The gathering was graced by the presence of dignitaries, including the Chief of Abetifi, who also serves as the distinguished Head of the Adonten Division of the Kwahu Traditional Council, Akyemfo Asiedu Agyeman. The Regional Stool Lands Officer, Surv. Prince Gyapong, Deputy Chief Stool Lands Officer, Surv. Grace Amoah Anane-Yeboah, Principal Stool Lands Officer, Surveyor Emmanuel Kwasi Boakye Agyemang, and the newly appointed District Officer for Tease, Mr. Godfred Appiah, were also in attendance. Notably, sub-Chiefs representing the various divisions of the Abetifi Stool graced the occasion with their presence.

The engagement was marked by an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect. It provided a unique opportunity for the Chief of Abetifi and his revered council of Elders to officially welcome Mr. Godfred Appiah to the Tease District and extend their support for his role in advancing Stool Lands revenue mobilization.

Stewardship of communal resources

This stakeholder engagement underscores the significance of community involvement in the responsible stewardship of communal resources. It exemplifies the commitment of both the Eastern Regional management team and the Abetifi Stool to transparent and effective governance, as well as the collective effort required for sustainable development. As the Eastern Region continues its journey towards optimizing revenue mobilization and community development, the support and collaboration of key stakeholders like the Chiefs and Elders of the Abetifi Stool remain indispensable. Their commitment to this shared vision holds the promise of a brighter and more prosperous future for the Tease district and the Eastern Region as a whole.

The only mandated Institution

The Regional Stool Lands Officer in his opening remarks, briefed the Chief and his Elders on the purpose of the visit, which was to introduce the District Officer who has recently been posted to the Tease to Nananom and also seek their support in the performance of his duties.  Other issue for discussion was on the collection of farm rents by the sub-Chiefs of some of the operational areas in Tease District such as Prapra, Aduonum, Asenkensu, Gyaneboafo, Abotan, Bonkro, Nyame Bekyere and Maame Krobo.

The Regional Officer explained the mandate of the Office which include the collection, disbursement of stool land revenue to beneficiaries as well as collaboration with stakeholders especially traditional authorities for improved Customary Land Administration.  He emphasized the need for the sub-Chiefs to cease the collection of farm rents from farm land owners in the above-mentioned communities. He further highlighted that, the Office is the only institution which is constitutionally mandated to perform the above functions as enshrined in article 267 (2) of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and the Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Act, 1994, (Act 481).  Additionally, the Chief and Elders were reminded of the need to insert rent payment and rent revision clauses in their allocation notes so the prospective lessees will be reminded of their obligation as far as rent payment is concerned.

Expressing his commitment, the Chief of Abetifi, pledged his support and that of his Elders to the Office and for that matter the District Officer in the discharge of his duties.  He mentioned that, his outfit had records of some of the land transactions which contained details of people and institutions who have acquired lands parcels in the operational areas and mentioned he was ever ready to give those records to the Office to assist them in their work.   He therefore, tasked the District Officer to liaise with the plot allocation committee to retrieve the records on land transactions made.

After further deliberations with the Chief and his Elders, it was agreed that the sub-Chiefs will cease the collection of farm rents and allow the Office to deliver on its mandate.  The Chief also requested the assistance of the Office in drafting an “Allocation Note” for the Stool to be used in future land transactions – copy of the allocation note will be given to the District Officer for ease of reference and authentication.  This development will help the Office to keep track of land allocations that will be made so that rents can be mobilized effectively for the benefit of all Stakeholders.